Ms. Rosky's Teacher Webpage


    Good day to you all!


     Your assignments, along with directions on how to access those assignments, will be located on your class's assignment page. 


    If you know of someone who does not have access to the internet, they may pick up workpackets at the front of the administration building, starting tomorrow at 10am.


    US History Assignments will be for Periods 1 and 5


    Advanced US History Assignments will be for Periods 2, 3 and 4   (your modules 18 and 19 are still due!  email me a scan or a photo of your completed work.   I can see the online tests from my computer!)


    Journalism assignments will be for Yearbook


    Zoom is an app that you would put on your computer - ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST!  If they do not want you to have zoom, then please contact me by email!!

    Please check in with me daily, by 9:30.  Email is fine!!   I need to still take attendance! 

     For the week of March 30th - April 3, I will be available the following times/days, using these formats:


     Tuesday - by email only

     Wednesday - by email at or zoom (10:00-2:30 (offline for lunch from 12:00-1:00), using my email listed above - you will need to be admitted, so hang out in the Zoom waiting room until I let you in!    This is only for asking questions or if you just need to talk.   I miss you all!

    Zoom meeting #: 984-980-413

    zoom password: 017849


     Thursday and Friday - by email at or zoom video, using my email listed above.    I will post the meeting number.     


    I am looking forward to seeing you all again!    You can join at anytime, it will stay up from 10-3.  That should be able to give you a chance to work with your other teachers on their schedules, and you need not fear missing mine. I will be here to answer questions about your assignments, whenever you need me.  (If I am not in the room when you jump into zoom meeting, just call my name!  And don’t be surprised if Ella joins.   She’s been fascinated by the voices coming out of the magic box.)


    Gradventure - as of today, Gradventure is still on for May 15th.   It may change - please be patient.


    8th Grade Dance - has been cancelled


    8th Grade Promotion ceremony - tentatively scheduled for May 19th.   It may change.


    Yearbooks - have been ordered.   Unfortunately, due to the shutdown,  we were only able to order exactly as many as were pre-sold.     Yearbook sales have ended.