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    AP Central has just released info on Final EXAM! It looks like it will be online, and will only include: 

    AP UNITS 1 – 6 (Chapters 1 – 11, Periods 1 – 3)

    In other words, we have already covered this!


    - Begin REVIEW in Chapters 1 - 11 ONLY! 

    - Study Guides for Chapter under APWH Review Materials

    - Each Chapter has (since you got it) an AP-style Test to prepare for Final Exam




    Honors World History

    Students & Parents

    Work is now online today (3/26)

    Students will use posted PowerPoints (under Honors World History) to enter hand-written Notes into their Notebooks

    How did WWI contribute to the outbreak of World War Two?

    What lead to the rise of Authoritarian Governments in Europe?

    What were the Causes and Main Events of World War Two?

    What were the Consequences of World War Two? 

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