We will be using Remind as a means to communicate with each other.

    Please complete the following tasks: 

    1. Sign up for Remind if you do not already have an account. www.Remind.com 

    2. Use the code for your assigned block and join the class. 

     Mrs. Havens Class Codes for Remind: 

    1st Block --Cd4b4e3

    2nd Block --2bhb8d

    3rd Block --gkh67f6

    4th Block --e7ec9e

    5th Block --a3639a

    6th Block --publichs

     ** If you already have a Remind account, simply text the above code to 81010. **

    Google Classroom

    We will be using Google Classroom for assignments, etc.

    Please complete the following task:

    1. Join using your assigned block class code below. 

    Mrs. Havens Codes for Google Classroom:

    1st Block - aaojjfc 

    2nd Block - wqkc2yn 

    3rd Block - upI4sah 

    4th Block - jmnkmey

    5th Block - uuoimbt 

    6th Block - z7ukulu 


    We will be using Zoom for class meetings, etc. 

    Please complete the following tasks: 

    1. Go to www.Zoom.com and create an account. 

    2. Download the Zoom app (in the app store) to your phone and/or tablet. 

    3. Zoom can be accessed by any of your devices, phone/tablet/laptop, please familarize yourself with these applications.

    Khan Academy 

    We will be using Khan Academy for some assignments. 

    Please complete the following task: 

    1. Go to www.Kahnacademy.com and create an account. 

    Mrs. Havens Class Codes for Khan Academy:

    1st Block - R9DQXM3F

    2nd Block - 8M4V6V6J 

    3rd Block - 68NDCXNP

    4th Block - K3XFKQ2F

    5th Block - UY3P7Z2X

    6th Block - 27YH7TYR

     Email:  Michelle.Havens@marion.k12.fl.us 

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