Distance Learning Information:

  • If you need to contact me, you can do so during the following times each day to answer any questions you may have.

     Morning Hours: 9 a.m. - 10 a.m

     Afternoon Hours: 1 p.m - 2 p.m

    You can email me at michael.gomez@marion.k12.fl.us using your MCPS student account. 


    Many of your upcoming assignments and activities through May 1 will be given using the Khan Academy Platform. There are also some Power Points and other helpful links in the "Distance Learning" folder for your class. You will see them when you click on the link for each assignment. 


    To access your Khan Academy Classroom, follow these steps

    • Log into your Marion County Student Desktop 
    • From the menu at the bottom of the student desktop, locate the word “Programs” tab and click on it.
    • After clicking on the “programs” tab, find the icon titled “Khan Academy CLEVER"
    • Click on the “Khan Academy CLEVER" icon
    • When asked if you have an account, if you don’t already have one choose “NO. I need to create an account”.
    • Use your same STUDENT EMAIL and PASSWORD that you logged into the student desktop with to register.
    • When you log into Khan Academy, you do not have to pick a subject when it asks (it's optional). You can just skip through that part and look for the menu on the LEFT side. Click on TEACHERS.
    • Look for the box under the phrase “JOIN A CLASS”.  
    • Enter the code for your class. (The codes for each class are below.) Then click the “Join the class” button.

     1st Period:  72JUJP4K

     2nd Period:  MYCSGRA2

     3rd Period:  4U65HWVE

     4th Period:  MR2XCX5C

     5th Period:  BJB8VKG5

     6th Period:  BUP3UHRY


      After you follow the steps above,  you will eventually receive a notification (It shows up by your name at the top right of the page.) You should then start receiving assignments soon if you followed the steps correctly. Also, an "assignments" tab will show up on the left side of the page and have the name of your class above it. If you don't see the assignments right away, it might be because I have to update the rosters. Log out of Khan Academy and check back later on in the day.



        1 grade will be given for completion of each instructional video. (Khan Academy tracks your individual progress and will show me if you completed the video. To earn credit for watching a video, watch it from beginning to end, without skipping anything. It should say completed next to it in the asignments list after you have watched and completed the video.)


       1 grade will be given for your score on each practice.



    Until the dealine for the assignment is over, if you did not like your score, you can re-attempt the "practice" in Khan Academy. They will keep the higher score.
    However, once the deadline has passed, what you earned will be final and go into the gradebook.Your grade in the gradebook will NOT be changed once the due date has passed!