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    Students can access their assignments via Schoology.com (link is under the assignment tab to the left). 


    Some things to consider:

    • Be positive!  When you start feeling bummed out - get some sunshine. I know it sounds really simple but it does help.  Really, trust me!  Take the dog for a walk, help in the yard, anything but get outside. Be glad you live in Florida with 80 degree weather. 

    • Mix it up!  Don’t sit in front of your screen all day. Do a little gaming, a little exercise, a little movie watching and of course, a little pleasure reading 😁

    • TALK to your friends. While texting is quick and convenient, humans need more interaction so CALL

    • Finally, keep some type of journal. You are living in an historical moment so keep track of what you’re feeling and experiencing. Journals don’t always have to be written like a diary. You can keep an audio journal and/or a visual journal. Create a variety of memes, create music, or write a poem or short story to illustrate what it’s like. 


    Miss you and hope to see you soon!!