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  • If you are absent, please email me at William.Deriso@marion.k12.fl.us so that we can get you caught up on what you missed.


    NEW INFORMATION for 2021-22!

    If you are taking me next year for AP Chemistry...Please sign in through remind with the new code so that I will have you there before the year ends.  

    Text the number 81010     Then the code is @4k7f6e8


    The first part of the summer assignment is under the tab labeled as such.  We will grade that on the first day.  That should be a fast review of the skills you covered last year.

    You also need to either purchase a review book or get someone's from last year.  The 2 to grab are 5 STEPS to a 5 or Princeton Review.  I will have some extra copies at Barnes and Nobles reserved if you need.

    The second part of the summer assignment deals with the review book.   If you get the 5 Steps to a 5, you need to have completed chapters 5-7 by the first day of school.  The Princeton Review book needs to have Big Idea #1 completed and all of Big Idea #3 completed except for the galvanic and electrolytic cell part.   You will have a huge advantage in the class if you feel confortable with this as I talk about these topics in class the first 4 weeks of school.  The new topics will include Molarity, DIlutions, aqueous solutions (net-ionic), Redox reactions, and acid base reactions.


    HONORS CHEMISTRY 2020-21!  Please sign up now.  I will be sending information or reminders throughout the year.

    Make sure you sign up with me using remind.com

    Text the number 81010

    Honors Code   @f94c7b



    BEST Ways to be successful this year:    Doing practice questions and reading outside of class, reading labs ahead of time, buying a Study Guide and using it throughout the year, and then forming a study group of 2 to 4 people who can meet often.  Please do not wait till the last week or 2 to begin.  You should be disciplined throughout the year.


    Please utilize technology to supplement this class.   Youtube videos, Khan Academy, Bozeman, or Tyler Dewitt videos can all aid you if you are absent or feel that you are falling behind.



  • AP Chemistry:


    There will be a small review assignment that we will go over the very first day of class.  I will have it posted on the website and I will be sending out a post when it is posted as it gets closer to our return.

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  • You need to have 3 or 4 dry erase markers and a scientific calculator within the first week of school starting.   These will be used all school year and the markers will need to be replaced if they dry out or are lost.

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