Air Force JROTC/Maj Clarke

  • Course information for Forest High AFJROTC is located at  As of 30 March 2020, we've moved AFJROTC courses online to Google Classroom.  Use the codes below to access the online classrooms.


    AFJROTC Google Classroom codes (AS1)

    1st Period: vzk5a4d

    2nd Period: km62z85

    3rd Period: lyvtvut

    4th Period: i7j3xe5

    5th Period: 7fvhprk

    6th Period: ctk2xm5


    AFJROTC Google Classroom codes: (AS2)

    Period 1: ljofx33

    Period 2: d3bkzra

    Period 3: uzaden3

    Period 4: wscdbnu

    Period 5: sok4yjs

    Period 6: pb45uf3


    AFJROTC Google classroom codes (AS3/4)

    1st period: tssoh4d

    2nd period: gyckyx2

    3rd period: nhwpyid

    4th period: fkaplp4 (that’s an “L”)

    5th period: 5k37bvy

    6th period: n6snycz