• CATS ONLINE - I will post a meeting specific to your class period on Teams. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED.  When you join you MUST have video active.  Once class starts microphones will be muted; like a normal class, you may interact and talk to one another until instruction begins.  Remember online classes follow the same rules as face to face - dress code applies, language needs to be appropriate, be respectful of others, etc.  

    If you are having difficulties with joining a meeting or getting equipment to work you can still "chat" with me via the POST section of TEAMS or you can email me.   



    SEMESTER 2 begins 1/19 (B day) 


    Foundations of Government; Constitution & Federalism; Civic and Political Participation; Congress; The President & Bureaucracy; The Courts & Civil Liberties; State, Local, & Comparative Governments.


    US GOVERNMENT Year at a Glance: US Government Year At a Glance .  This is a semester course.  



    Assignments - notes, projects, quizzes, and tests will be completed using Microsoft Teams.  If a student prefers to use notebook paper or printed materials I will work with them to make accomodations.  Ample classtime is given to complete all assignments.

    Suggested but not required: Headphones or earbuds - for classroom laptops; not for your phone.





    • Respect –It is expected that you treat everything and everyone in our class with respect; you will treat each person in the class with dignity and tolerance. Students whose behavior interferes with other studentsability to learn will be removed from the classroom.  This includes cell phone usage.


    • Language – There is a time and place for everything; language used on television, at home, or with friends at a party is not the same language used in a classroom.  If in doubt about a comment, err on the side of caution. If you have to think about it – it is probably inappropriate for the classroom.


    • Dismissal - Students will be dismissed by the teacher, NOT the bell.  Students will remain seated until dismissed by teacher.


    • Bathroom/Hall Passes - You will be allowed to use the bathroom as necessary; however, abuse of the bathroom policy will result in loss of privileges. Bathroom and drink “business” should be taken care of between classes if possible. 



    • Assignments are due the class period of the assigned due date; otherwise a late penalty MAY be assessed.
    • Late assignment penalty – 5 points for each day it is late (including weekends and alternate school days – A day / B day).
    • Grading Policy – Class Work & Quizzes 50%, Tests  & Projects 50%.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If it is not solely your work, do not turn it in as such!
    • Assignments will be posted using Microsoft Teams. 


    Disclaimer: These rules and procedures are subject to change and the teacher reserves the rights to change/add/or eliminate any part of them.  Anyone not following these rules and procedures will be dealt with accordingly.  If reoccurrence is a problem for a student, then a plan of action with student, dean, and parent will occur.  These rules and procedures are put in place to create a safe and fun learning environment.



    • Absences / Make-up Work
    • This course will utilize a variety of approaches to facilitate the learning process, including cooperative learning, audio/visual, and various hands on techniques. Students will be provided the opportunity and are expected to become active learners in this course.  Regular attendance is expected.  If, however, a student is absent from class, opportunity to make up any missed assignments will be provided.  County policy will be followed regarding make-up work. The teacher will consult the student regarding the make-up work and assign a due date.  Students who do not request make-up work will receive a grade of “0” for the work missed.
      • When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work the first day back to class. 
        • Students are responsible for turning in any work that was due while absent immediately upon their return to class.  Any assignments that were due on a day you were absent MUST be turned in the day you return to class in order to receive full credit. 
        • If a test has been announced in advance, students will be expected to take the test on the assigned day.  Missing a lesson review is NOT an excuse to postpone a test.
    • Tardy Policy:
      • Students are expected to be in the classroom and seated when the tardy bell rings; not walking through the door when the bell rings, not lingering in the hall close to the classroom when the bell rings. Any student that arrives after the bell will be marked tardy; a referral will be written on the 4th tardy. 



    In addition to expectations listed above, ALL guidelines & rules stated in the Marion County Student Code of Conduct -  MCPS Student Code of Conduct


    The quickest and easiest way to contact me is through Microsoft Teams or via email – juliet.long@marion.k12.fl.us


    To download a copy of my syllabus click the link SYLLABUS