Welcome to Culinary Arts 1-4


    Welcome back students from our extended Spring Break last March. It has been a long time since we had our Forest family of Culinary students together. I am excited to see all of you and we hope you are ready to get back to work. Life has changed since we last met so we have to make some adjustments. Virtual learning is what the future holds so we will be integrating portions of that into our program to get the maximum efficiency possible, regardless of where we may be teaching from. Obviously, Safety and Sanitation will be our highest priority as we practice our good personal hygiene habits and social distancing. This is all a learning curve for both students and instructors so we may be making some procedures as we collaborate together. All returning students will be reviewing Safety and Sanitation on our S/P2 program to refresh material that we covered long ago. Incoming students will be trained on how to access that program and begin their certifications once we have loaded the app on to Microsoft Teams. All of our correspondence will be through Teams to keep everyone on the same page. Chef Stanley and I are still learning some of the outstanding features so our first week or two of school will be learning how to navigate through as a student and teacher. Good luck on your new school year and let's make a difference in todays world. 

    If you have questions, email me at kenneth.adamic@marion.k12.fl.us


    Here are the Classroom Policies students will need to know.