Capitol Hill
  • Greetings students and parents,


    Welcome to Mr. Weyrauch's Civics Class. This year will be an exciting and informative year for you in this class. You will become more aware of government of how government works, why it exists, how ours began, and how you can become more involved in government. 

    To be successful in this class students will need to participate in class, complete and turn in assignments, and study. Be prepared for class everyday!

    If you have any questions, you are encouraged to ask for help either by asking me directly or e-mailing me at Clifford.Weyrauch@Marion.K12.FL.US.




  • Coming up on October 4th and 5th students will be taking the Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment for Civics. This exam will cover all of the materials that we have covered in class so far. Please be sure to study for the exam by reviewing your notebooks.

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  • Hello! I am currently in the process of reorienting and reorganizing my pages. What you will see as we go forward is that I will screenshot the what the notebook page will look like for each standard. Go ahead and check this out under Unit 1 and Unit 2.


    Thank you for your patience!

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  • Unit Test 1 will be a short 10 question test covering SS.7.G.1.1, SS.7.C.3.1 and SS.7.C.3.2.


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