Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science & Physical Science Honors Email: meeca.swift@marion.k12.fl.us

  •  Welcome Back my Exceptional Students! ! I miss you all so much!!  Please, make sure you check the website under the Physical Science Notes/Lesson tab for all assignments.  I suggestion students to save their assignments in a file so they can send them easily to me.  All notes are setup in the focus note-taking formatt, so nothing new.  You can also take pictures or scan your written work and send it to me.  Please look out for emails from me for your learning checks, which will be weekly.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have reached out to you all on one of the many platforms available!  Look out for my emails!  Also, I need to know if you cannot access your e-textbook online, a quick email is fine.

    Miss you guys and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!

    Mrs. Swift


  •                           Welcome Back!!!

    Student Reminders

    • Physical Science Notes can be found under Physical Science Notes  section weekly
    • Absent/ Missing Assignments:

      • Returning to class see teacher at the beginning of class, end of class or while other students are working.
      • Missing labs- complete Article Analysis of an article related to subject studying (Article obtain from Mrs. Swift) or Complete end of lesson Review related to subject studying from text copy and answer questions.

      Redo & Resubmit

      What work can be redone for resubmit redo?

      • Labs and Test-D (69-60) and below

      What is turned in?Original document attached with evidence of each answer missed and the correct answer and why. (It will only be excepted in this manner)

      • This will result in a grade of 60 (passing) or enough points to bring it up to a C.
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