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    Einstein  atom



  • Students we are starting our projects for Science Expo.  Please read the instructions below to make sure you have the proper dates.  You will receive the document in class as well. 

    Science Expo:

    Due Thursday November 14th (Periods 1,3,5) and November 15th (Periods 2,4,6) 2019

    Options: All Projects must be related to Physical Science units located in your Science textbook.

    Choose your subject area 1st:

    Nature of Science

    Complete a lab experiment with a formal lab report.

    Properties of Matter

    Development of Atomic Theory

    Structure of Atoms

    Periodic Table

    Classification of Matter

    Changes in Matter

    (Changes in state: Solid, Liquid, and gases)

    Force and Motion



    Universal Law of Gravitation


    -Potential Energy

    -Kinetic Energy

    Forms of Energy

    -Law of Conservation of Energy


    Energy Transformations

    Forms of Energy

    -Law of Conservation of Energy


    Waves- Sound and Light

    Sound and Light




    Students will complete one of the projects below.

    CHOOSE 1:



    1. Scientist Biography – 1 Board (poster or trifold), typed 500 word report, 12pt. font, and doubled spaced, site 3 resources (2 pages 250 words per page)
    3. Formal Investigation (Experiment) – 1 Board (poster or trifold), Typed or written report Lab Format (Question, Hypothesis, IV., DV., materials, procedures, data tables and charts, and Conclusion), and site 3 resources
    4. 3-D model-– typed 500 word report, 12pt. font, and doubled spaced (2 pages 250 words per page), and site 3 resources

    Please note the following:

    • Precise and Clear language is used
    • Must have a Display Board or Poster outlining the project (Any Size)-Depending on project selected above.
    • Must include pictures or drawings related to project.
    • NO liquids, chemicals, fire, live animals or any type of flammable substances allowed.
    • Examples of Project:
    • 1. Experiments (Tests)– What product cleans best?
    1. 3D Model- Example: a roller coaster Adopt a Florida Roller Coaster- choose a roller coaster in Florida to model (Cannot be larger than Length: 2 Feet & Height: 3 Feet)
    1. Scientist Biography- Who is Rutherford?
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