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    Hello Everyone! 

    Monday and Tuesday 4/6 and 4/7

    For assignment #2, if you cannot get the

                                     video to play;

    Choose from the following 3 options:

    Option #1 You will have to read sections of

                          your e textbook to answer the

                     questions. Read Pages 257-261

    Option #2 Google the answers 

    Option#3  Watch other videos about the topic.

    Everyone will complete page 269  1-4 only

    Go to "4th Quarter 6th Grade Science" page 

    for more information.



    **Helpful Hints **

    1. Please write darker and neater (or type)

    2. Also, make sure photos are right-side-up.

    3. When viewing videos:

         A. Do not copy and paste 

        B. Click on the Link not the title


     Directions for 4th Quarter:

    1.Everyday, Go to the " 4th Quarter 6th Grade

      Science" page for class work.

      There are now 2 assignments there.

      The 2nd one is a video/reading.


    2.  I have added a new page

         to assist students with the online


         "eTextbook Information"


    3. Everyday, Read "Ms.Pecor's Notes"

        page. These notes are about the

        science content we are working

        on. Write them if you need to.



    4.  Completed work should be emailed to

         me or photographed and then emailed

         to me at: