• Creative Photography student at WPHS

     I am excited to work with students and assist them to develop techniques to enhance their individual creative potential in the Arts.

    Students need to provide their own Digital Camera for this course.  I recommend that you use a rechargeable battery in your Digital Camera. 


    Apply to be in the MCCA Program at West Port High School

    1st Step… Fill out an on-line application for WPHS – Marion County Center for the Arts program:  www.westportwolfpack.org

    2nd Step… Patiently wait to receive a letter of acceptance from WPHS verifying your grades and FCAT scores are satisfactory. Applicants should be students in good academic, attendance, and disciplinary standing, with a minimum 3.0 grade point average and a Level 3 on all FCAT scores.

    3rd Step… Upon acceptance, there is a $40 fee for each program to cover materials and supplies.


    4th Step… electronic audition for MCCA DIGITAL CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY

    • Email worley@marion.k12.fl.us
    • Send to my email address 12-16 original and recently taken photographs.
    • Photographs should be in a jpg format.
    • No Cell phone may be used as a substitute for a Digital Camera.
    • Photographs should represent your creative potential and be varied in subject matter such as photos of family, pets, landscape, events, etc.
    • After reviewing your photographs I well email you referencing your status related to passing the audition for MCCA Creative Photography.


    What items will you need for the Creative Photography class?

    • DIGITAL CAMERAWorking -Functional With a charged/fresh battery and a memory card. No sharing/borrowing – must have your own high quality individual camera.
    • Card-Reader or cord for uploading your digital photos to the computer.    
    • USB/Thumb drive - External Storage Space
    • $40.00 Material Fee