Ceramics and AP Ceramics


    Hello students and parents!  To start the year I wil be teaching 2 on-line classes and 4 in person classes.  We are going to do our best to keep you and your kids safe at school.  I have designed my class to be very hands on.  This year may be different.  We will use Micosoft -Teams this year.

    This year I will be teaching Ceramics I, II, & III, Portfolio Developement and AP Ceramics.  Should you have questions please email me.https://Smith, Gregory - West Port High School <Gregory.Smith@marion.k12.fl.us>  Students wanting to audtion for placement should apply to the 3D MCCA program and email me.  This is a guaranteed way to recieve placement into the class. 

    My focus is to teach 3D problem solving skills through the medium of CLAY.  Students get an opportunity to work with their hands and create projects for grades.  There is a $70 material charge for supplies which will be paid online later this year.  I look forward to a great  year!