Welcome to Mr. Roughton's English Class



         You will be taking your AP English Language and Composition test at 2:00 this afternoon! Go into this with a positive attitude - YOU CAN DO THIS! Just remember to relax before the test and don't let anxiety take control. Remember that you are in charge and you are prepared - you can do anything you set your minds to doing, and you can do it well. The faculty and staff at West Port High School believe in you or they wouldn't have put you in this class! YOU'VE GOT THIS!

         Some pointers - make sure you are reading the prompt and answering it! Remember that your thesis should state the author's strategies and how those strategies help the author achieve his or her purpose. Example: Jones uses repetition, pedantic diction, and sophisticated syntax to appeal to her audience's common sense in order to convince them that tax hikes should be repealed. This thesis states the strategies used, the appeal that those strategies address, and how those strategies/appeals achieve the author's purpose. Develop that with examples from the text and explanations how the examples achieve their purpose, and you will pass this test with flying colors. Also use the advice the online AP teachers have given you on developing your line of reasoning. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

         The exams will be secure. We’re using a variety of digital security tools, including plagiarism detection software.


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    For some reason, my google codes have been changed - I don't know why - so please use the following codes to access Google classroom. 



    1st period

    AP English Language

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    AP English Language

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    English III Honors

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    AP English Language

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