Welcome to Mrs. Murphy's 11th and 12th Grade Reading Class!


    Hello, my name is Natasha Murphy and I am excited to start yet another new school year! On my website you will find important information on what we are covering in class along with assignments that are due. Please take some time and look around my website. You will learn more about me and find my contact information on the About Mrs. Murphy page. The class calendar will include due dates for all assignments and other class activities as well as upcoming ACT and SAT test dates. The calendar should be your go to for information.


    Reading is not only important; it's necessary. It is a tool that enables us to change our world and change ourselves. For some, reading is not exciting or fun. Maybe it is challenging which is why they view it as boring. I will make reading come to life and hopefully help students develop a more positive relationship with reading. Students will build their fluency which is key to better comprehension as well as increase their vocabulary which is also extremely important in developing good comprehension.  Students will be reading, thinking, writing and discussing in my class which will improve their critical thinking skills. They will also be preparing for ACT and SAT tests. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these tests.




    These are my daughter's Madisun and Brianna. Madisun is on the right and is 18 years old and graduated from CF in early May with her AA and WPHS in May earning her high school diploma. She will begin the Univeristy of Florida Fall '19.  Brianna will be turning 21 this month and brings us so much joy! She will be graduating from her school this year. She loves playing the drums and is a star in her school band.

    Girls Pic


    This is my dog Augie. He is reading the book, "The Not So Witchy Witch." If I can help my little dog find the love of reading just imagine how far I can help my students reach! Anything is possible and I truly believe this:)

    Augie Dog Reading

    I am looking forward to a great year! GO WOLF PACK!




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