Welcome back to Spanish Class !


      Welcome Back !

      Hola to all my students !

      Spanish 2

      I miss you all tremendously! We will formally start Quarter 4 this next Wednesday, April 1st. You will need to go to the calendar EVERYDAY to see the instructions of activities for each day. We will be mainly working with the etextbook, but I might add some speaking activities through Google Classroom. Make sure for now that you:

      • Complete the cultural project My Name is Khan and submit it on Google Classroom if you have not complete it. 
      • Enroll in Remind if you have not. Code is located over Keep Updated section under Spanish 2 class. 

      I look forward to have a successfull end of School Year!


      Español 2 Hispanohablantes


      Espero que todos se encuentren bien. ¡ Los extraño mucho ! Comenzando el miércoles 1 de abril, daremos comienzo al Quarter 4. Estaremos utilizando la plataforma de Google Classroom para completar nuestras actividades.Es importante que visiten el calendario todos los días para que vean las instrucciones de las actividades asignadas. Al menos por el momento, asegúrense que:

      • Se matriculen en Remind a través de sus teléfonos celulares. El código lo pueden accesar en la sección Mantente conectado bajo la clase Español 2 para Hispanohablantes.

      ¡Sé que terminaremos este año escolar con mucho éxito! Nos comunicaremos pronto y recuerden, practiquen el distanciamiento social. ¡Qué estén bien, les quiero mucho!


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                Monday-Friday 11:00 am-1:00 pm



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  • Spanish 2

    Please go to the calendar section, so you can find instructions on how to do the assignments for this week. Visit your etextbook to complete them. Due date is this Friday April 3rd.

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  • To ALL students

    We must value the resources we have available today and use them properly, especially in such uncertain times we are all facing.  When you enroll in any of my courses through Remind, you will need to identify yourself using your legal name. Otherwise, the user will be blocked. Innapropiate use of any resource used to help and/or deliver distance learning  will be reported and penalized, as stated in the 2019-2020 Code of Student Conduct.

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  • Spanish 2

    All students that have not completed the cultural project My Name is Khan in Google Classroom need to turn it in by Friday April 3rd.

    Español 2 Hispanohablantes

    Este próximo miércoles 1 de abril deberán ir a Google Classroom para accesar la tarea que deberán completar para esta semana. Fecha límite de entrega: viernes 3 de abril. 

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