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  • BONJOUR/ Buenos dias!

    Merci pour vos efforts pendant les dernières neuf semaines.

    Welcome back to those of you who worked so hard during the fourth quarter. I appreciate you and all that you did under very difficult circumstances.


    To those of you who are starting to learn a new language, BIENVENU/Bienvenidos!  I am thrilled that you are in my class.



    French is the first or second language in more than 40 countries,spoken  by over 320 million people around the globe.  Knowing another language will let you exchange ideas with those  people,

    leadingto increased understanding among cultures. Studying other languages helps you to develop better critical thinking skills and improves your understanding of  your own language. Being bilingual

    will facilitate seeing the world through more than one lens; a skill that can help you to expand your cultural horizons, professional skills and abilities. Being bilingual will make you more marketable in

    the workforce.

     SPANISH came to North America in the 16th century with the Spaish who settled in St. Augustine, Florida. After English, it is the most commonly spoken language in 43 states. You've

    made a popular choice by choosing to take Spanish in school. Have you heard people speaking Spanish in your community? Learning Spanish can create opportunities within your everyday life. Spanish

    has evolved from a medieval dialect of north-central Spain into the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world.