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    AP English Literature and Composition

    AP Capstone Seminar

    AP Capstone Research

    AICE General Paper


    Please see the individual course pages and their subpages for more information on each course.


    Frodo LOR

    Frodo enjoys reading his favorite book:

    Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Considering AP Capstone? What You Need to Know: 

    • AP Seminar is the first course in the program.  You must take it before you can take AP Research. 
    • The AP Capstone Diploma is the equivalent of an IB or AICE diploma. There is also legislation in the works that will make the AP Diploma give you automatic FULL BRIGHT FUTURES without an ACT/SAT score! Stay tuned... 
    • To earn the AP Capstone Diploma, you must earn a 3 or higher on the exams for AP Seminar, AP Research, and any 4 additional AP exams (from art to psych to calc and more).
    • Can't take all those AP classes?  No worries!  Anyone in grades 10-12 can take AP Seminar as a single elective. 
    • Yes, you can take BOTH AP and Dual Enrollment courses are the same time.  Each AP exam you pass counts as 3 credit hours with CF. 
    • In AP Capstone, you study what interests you. We come up with solutions to real world problems, so you basically get to save the world! 


    For more info, see Mrs. Bender in 8-035 or email at 

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