• Adaptive Physical Education

  • For the month of May your child's PE assignments will revolve around some social skills necessary for a successful group experience.  You can incorporate these skills into the activities you and your family are likeluy already doing.


    Social Skills 1-SHARING

    You can practice sharing with your child during everyday activities.  Your child shouldn't be required to always share their personal possessions.  Practice sharing items that belong to the family.  I would suggest first requiesting your child to share.  If your child doesn't want to share I don't recommend forcing it, but rather move to our next social skill "Taking Turns".


    Social Skills 2-TAKING TURNS

    Practice taking turns.  Set a timer and have your child take turns with everyday activities with their siblings or other family members.


    Social Sills 3-TURN ORDER

    When taking turns, vary the order so that one person is not always going first.


    All of these skills are critical to every child's success in any group setting.  We work on them daily during their PE class.  If you can find a way to incorporate theser skills into your child's day it would be great!

    Please drop me an email in the next few weeks and let me know how your child is continuing to stay active and any progress they may have made with social skills if they are appropriate for your child's ability level.  Thanks:

    Please send me an email by May 15th to let me know your child is continuing to get physical activity.


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  • Parents,

    Please send me a quick email with a comment about what physical activities your child has been doing during there distance learning so that I can give them a grade.  Remember, all activities from walks to backyard play count toward your child's daily allotment of physical education while you are home with them.

    Also, I'll be adding some new ideas for the upcoming month so check my website again soon!



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