• 2018-2019

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    I am excited to have your child in my classroom

    and look forward to working as a team to achieve the best education possible for your child.

  • DAILY SCHEDULE 2020-2021

    7:20-7:50am        ARRIVAL & MORNING WORK 

    7:50-9:45am        ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES

    9:45-10:20am      MTSS (Differentiated ELA Groups)          

    10:20-12:10pm    MATH/SCIENCE            

    12:10-12:30pm    RECESS   

    12:30-1:00pm      LUNCH1:50-12:10pm                               

    1:10-2:00pm        SPECIALS (Mon, Wed, Thurs-PE; Tues-Art; Fri-Music)

    2:05pm                 DISSMISAL        


    2020-2021 classroom 5TH Supply List   

    • Face Mask
    • Pair of Headphones (must have daily)
    • 3 ring binder (1 inch-no zippers)
    • 3 Ring Pencil Pouch for Binder
    • 3 Black & White Composition Notebooks (hard cover with no designs, please)
    • 2-pocket plastic folders with prongs (2 different colors -solid/plastic)
    • 3 packs of #2 pencils (prefer sharpened)
    • 2 Glue Sticks
    • 1 box colored pencils
    • Pink or White Bar Eraser
    • 1 pack SMALL black expo markers
    • 1 large box Kleenex
    • 1 box Band-Aids (Boys)
    • Gallon or Quart Sized Ziploc Bags (Girls)

      ** Classroom Wish List** 

    • Additional headphones to donate
    • Small Post It Notes
    • Disinfectant Wipes
    • Hand Sanitizer

     Please let me or the front office know if you need any assistance with supplies. Due to Covid-19, I understand that some items may not be available.

    Mrs. McInnes