Welcome to PE

  • I wanted to share some activities you could do while we are out of school!


    Maplewood PE - Home Activities

    Week of March 23-27

    • Make it fun
      • Turn on some music and get moving
      • Go to the park, backyard, front yard, garage, living room, anywhere!
      • Make sure you have open adequate space for all involved
      • Be safe, healthy and have fun

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    OPEN Physed Home Activities: https://openphysed.org/activeschools/activehome


    Mindfulness Matters


    Perform Relaxation Breathing for 10-15 minutes

    -lay down

    -relax your body

    -clear your mind

    - breathe in through your nose

    - exhale/breathe out through your mouth


    -while doing this deep breathing, imagine you are at your favorite place

    Food Label Frenzy


    Find a food label on the side of a box

    How many sugars do you see? Do that many jumping jacks


    How many Carbohydrates?

    Do that many push ups


    How much fat? Do that many sit ups


    How much protein? Do that many mountain climbers


    Repeat this activity with 2-3 other food labels

    Play Rock Paper Scissor with a family member.


    If you win = Dance for 30 seconds


    If you tie = Walk like a crab for 30 seconds


    If you lose = Do 10 push-ups



    Play multiple rounds

    Choose different exercises for win/tie/lose

    Make up your own game

    Active for 60 minutes everyday!


    Do 60 exercises


    -10 jumping jacks

    -10 push ups

    -10 mountain climbers

    -10 sit ups

    -10 lunges

    -10 squat jumps



    Create your own exercises

    Couch Potato


    During commercial breaks do the following exercises


    -10 jumping jacks

    -10 push ups

    -10 sit ups

    -10 mountain climbers


    Go for a bike ride

    Go for a walk

    Go skating

    Play outside

    Play Simon Says

    Create your own Warm-Up


    Design a warm up that can be done in your living room, back yard, family room, anywhere!


    It can be similar to the one we do at PE or make your own up!


    Teach it to your family!

    Physical Fitness Uno (any cards will do if you don’t have Uno)


    -See below for directions


    -Make up your own exercises for colors (suits for regular playing cards)




    Set the menu


    With an adult create a healthy meal menu

    Include the 5 food groups:


    Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Protein and Dairy


    Don't forget to drink your water!


    Draw it on a paper plate or piece of paper


    Teach hand washing skills to family members


    -wet hands with clean water

    -lather and scrub while singing happy birthday song twice

    -rinse with clean water

    -dry using a clean dry towel

    Pacer test practice


    -Step off 15 or 20 steps in yard/driveway and mark the spot with chalk/cone/stick


    -Run back and forth as many times as possible



    -Link to actual pacer test below





    Links to be active inside











    Pacer test audio cues


    15 steps-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL-IPaYVcUc


    20 steps-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL-IPaYVcUc






    Physical Education


    Welcome to PE! We are planning to have a great year learning about Fitness, Sports, Games, nutrition, and so much more!


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