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  • Dear All Parents,
         This is your child's teacher Megan Fairchild. I hope this finds you well and safe. I know times are hard, please know I miss your child so much and miss our school days.
       As you may have heard,  we are moving into a virtual platform.  This platform may or may not be conducive to your student with special needs.  I have come up with 2 separate plans in hopes one works not only for your child, but for you as well.  I just need your preference.
        I am able to go onto campus for a period of time from the district.  While there on Monday I will put together work for each student.  Individually the work will meet your child's needs.

     My plans include:
    1. Emailing you the individual work to print from your home computers. 
    2. I will print the work and place in a folder.  I will  place the folder outside of the school in a box labeled FAIRCHILD. (this is where the district has also been placing their packets and our advised location as well)

    First,  and very important, I need from you is the email address you check regularly.  Please provide me that information regardless if you choose to pick up folder or not so I am able to have another way of contacting you. 
    Second, please chose the plan that works best for you and your family.
    Third, advise me of any supplemental work you would like me to gather on skills you would like to work on besides the IEP work skills, guidelined curriculum work, and basic review skills that I will include for you weekly during this time.
    Fourth,  I really really need is to hug your child for me and tell them I love them and think of them every second of every day.

    Thank you so much for your flexibility. I have been feeling so helpless and hearing from everyone has brought my spirits up. Thank you. We will get thru this together. I am available for you to reach me on this number when you need me as well as my school email megan.fairchild@marion.k12.fl.us.  Please do not hesitate,  I am here for you and your child.

    Megan Fairchild