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  • Hello Families,


    As we begin this adventure today, April 1, 2020, please be patient with me as we navigate these new paths together.  It was wonderful to talk with all of you to see how you're doing during these uncertain times.  I was relieved to hear that everyone is healthy and doing well.


    Please feel free to reach out via classtag, email or text. 


    Thank you so much for your continued support in your child's education.  We miss seeing everyone and we wait for the day when we will be together in class soon.


    Ms. Ruggeri


    Update: We are closed through May 1.

Teacher Email

Hours of Availability

  • Starting on March 30th I will be available from 10-11AM and 12-1PM.

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Successful Tips for Distance Learning

  • 1. Set up a space where your child is comfortable to work in where distractions are to a minimum.


    2. Set aside time for him to complete his work.


    3. Have your child do 20-30 minutes of work and then take a short 5-10 minute break before returning to work.


    4. Encourage a growth mindset. If your child becomes frustrated ask them, "tell me what you've tried so far", "what else can you try?", "what have you learned so far?".


    5. Stay calm and have fun.


  • Assignments


    Please scroll down midway down this page to find the assignments and tasks for your child to complete.

    Your child should complete at least 45 minutes of iReady Reading and 45 minutes of iReady Math each week.

    Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes a day.  This could be accessing books via MyOn.

    Your child should complete the assignments and tasks listed.

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  • Students please use your email to message me if you need help with something.

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  • The websites listed on the Websites page all need usernames and passwords.  Please email me for them so your child can access the sites.

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  • Zoom

    As we move forward we will be utilizing Zoom for videoconferencing.   


    Please look for an email or invitation from me with the meeting date, time and meeting ID and password.

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  • How does my child login to the other websites?

    You should have received an email with all of your child's website logins.  If you cannot find it, please email or text Ms. Ruggeri for the list again.

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  • How does my child login to their portal?

    Your child can access their portal here where they type in their username and password. Their username is their firstname.lastname and their password is a 6 letter word followed by a 2 digit number. All students know their login information because they used it daily at school.

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    • How does my child login to AR?

      They can login to AR here. Their username is their student number that they type in to get their lunch everyday. Their password is the two digits of their birth month followed by the four digits of their birth year. For example, if your child was born in August of 2010, their password would be 082010

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