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    Dojo will be our main form of communication during this time of Distance Learning. Class Dojo Link 

    Please check your Dojo messages for weekly Zoom Meeting codes. 


    Distance Learning

    End of Year Math tasks for students:

    • IReady Daily- 15 minutes (45 minutes total this week)
    • Reflex at least 3 times per week (students should complete until green light is complete in the top right corner of the screen)  Click the following link

    Students will have until the end of the school year to complete the tasks. Students may choose one to complete:

    ***Option 1- End of Year Math Project: Create a Math Game that can be explained and actually played by your family. I will show examples on our Monday Zoom.To earn all of the points your game should include the following: Title, age appropriate topic, Decorative box/ container, How many players, age of players, Directions (how to play the game), object of the game (how you win), game board, game pieces, answer key. We will share these. Extra credit will be given if you submit a picture of you playing the game with at least one other person.

    ***Option 2- If you do not have resources to complete the project, please go back through Go Math to Review. Complete Chapter 1 Review (pages 55-58); Chapter 2 Review (pages 99-102); Lesson 20 Review in the IReady Book (pages 190-200)

    Extra Resources (optional, for clarification)




    End of Year Science tasks for students:

    Again, students will have until the end of the school year to complete 1 (student choice) of the following options for the End of the School Year Review on Experimental Design

    All students should watch 

    Scientific Method

    ***Option 1- Choose a Question/ topic that you are interested in. Follow the Scientific Method/ Experimental Design to learn about something that interests you (What do you want to know?). On a sheet of paper, create an outline Labeled with the 6 steps below: 

     Edwards, Cristal: 5th Grade / SCIENCE


    ***Option 2: StemScopes Assignments

    • Review Experimental Design Vocabulary posted in stemscopes. This is a reference and should not be turned in.
    • Complete the Progress Monitoring Assessments assigned in Stemscopes. These should be turned in.

    Feel free to Dojo message me or email me anytime at:



  • Attendance

    Please log on to IReady Math by 9:30 so I can take attendance.


    Office Hours

    I am available form 10:00-11:00 and 1:30-2:30

    I will also be checking my messages through out the school day.



    Please check the Special Areas' web pages

    Art- Mrs. Baines

    Music- Mr. Gulick

    PE- Coach Varnadore 


    Important Announcement

    Please click on the attached document from our Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Esquivel for mental health information/ concerns.

    Mental Wellness Resources

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