7th Annual Fine Arts Holiday Extravaganza

Welcome to Music message from Mrs. Collins!

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    Welcome to MUSIC, Shady Hill Family! -

    Welcome to MUSIC, Shady Hill Family!

    The 2020-21 school year brings YOU the great opportunity to learn how to be a musician and appreciate music in new ways. But even more importantly, never forget that we ARE family at Shady Hill Elementary, and this is YOUR home.


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Music Mission and Goal

  • The mission of the Shady Hill Music program is to provide a quality and comprehensive music education to all students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. This music education usually includes singing, playing instruments, moving to music, creating music, performing music, music appreciation, music history, music reading and notating, and much more (though this year's curriculum will look a little different, due to the pandemic). Above all, the overall goal for Shady Hill students is to not only become better musicians and better performing artists, but better human beings. Your elementary student will learn to create and appreciate music in ways that will last a lifetime.

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The Music Challenge

  • The Music Challenge is a fun way to expand your musical artistry and put a little extra music in each week! This is not the music assignment for in-school or online learning, but simply some more music fun!

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  • wash hands

    Making music while washing your hands: Did you know that you should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds (the length of singing the song "Happy Birthday" twice!) to kill germs? Anyone also tired of singing "Happy Birthday"?!?!

    Come up with another song that YOU think we should sing for 20 seconds every time we wash our hands and teach someone your new "hand washing song!"

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