Welcome to Algebra 1

  • For this class, there are two things you must do.

    1. You must log onto google classroom and watch the short video clips of my teachings on the different topics or watch the videos on Algebra Nation. The google classroom code is listed below. If you use my personal teachings, it starts with Section 3 Topic 7. Any lesson before that is ONLY on Algebra Nation. 

    Click Here >Google Classroom Page

    Class Code (csexipu)

    2. Once you are done watching the video, go onto Algebra Nation (https://web.algebranation.com/#) (Note: You must be on a laptop or desktop to do the assignments) click on Edge XL Beta on the right hand side, and find the assessment that goes with the video that you watched.  Take the assessments as many times as you want to get the score you desire.  I will only take the HIGHEST score. 

    3. I will have ZOOM Meetings every Monday at 11:00, 11:30, and Noon for anyone who needs help with the lessons. The invites to all meetings are posted on google classroom 






    1st Period -- Algebra 1B

    2nd Period -- Algebra 1B 

    3rd Period -- Algebra 1B

    4th Period -- Algebra 1B

    5th Period -- Algebra 1B

    6th Period -- Algebra 1B



  • I arrive at the school at 7 a.m. each morning to help any and all students that need help in my math class.  If you need extra help, come to my room before school. Also, anything that I am teaching can be found on the internet.  If you are at home and you can't remember how to do something on the homework or you missed the lesson for the day, find a video of that lesson on YouTube or Kahn Academy.  You can see what lesson topic we are on by looking at the calendar on this website and clicking on a day.  

    You can also go on Algebra Nation and go to the student section of the site.  They have live online tutors for struggling students. 

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