Agriculture   Important Update:   SEYF Information! Read below.


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     Students and parents, I do not have online classes. Please do not use TEAMS to communicate with me as if it were email. I do not check those messages.  

    Thank you!




         Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well!  I'm sure many of you have had questions... Here are some answers!! :) More to come I'm sure. :) The SEYF website is almost completely up-to-date at this time, so please feel free to check it out. Let me know if you have any questions and please let me know if you see anything I need to update or change - I appreciate more eyes than just mine looking at it :) Attached is our updated Calendar of Events. Our website publisher should have that updated for us on the website by tomorrow.


    If you've been wondering....

         We are ON for the 2021 Southeastern Youth Fair! We know that the world has changed significantly since our last Fair, and we will continue to monitor the health recommendations of the CDC as the days, weeks, and months pass. We take the health and safety of our exhibitors, animals, and families very seriously - we're not sure what our Fair will look like this year, but we are moving forward nonetheless - and are planning for a fantastic 2021 SEYF!


    You now have the option to enter ONLINE!!  Go to the link below to do so:


    1. Entry Fee payment is received online through OUR website (see link on "How to Enter" page) or in the SEYF Office - fees are NOT taken on the fairwire site.
    2. Club/Chapter Leader approves your online entry & SEYF Fair office approves entry
    3. Note – SOME entries have additional documents that must be received by deadline (via email or in the SEYF office)


    If you are showing a MARKET ANIMAL – you must complete the MANDATORY ONLINE TRAINING!

    It will be available September 1 to September 10, 2020 

    • We will not be holding an in-person Mandatory Meeting this year.

    ***If certificate is not received by September 10th, you will not be eligible to show a market animal.


    Interested in being an Ambassador?

    Applications due September 1, 2020


         Lastly, we will be implementing a required Waiver for all exhibitors to sign to participate in the Fair. It will be added to our website, but I'll also probably have copies at weigh-in/tagging as well. The waiver will be required for ALL exhibitors, not just market animals.  When we collect them, I'll be able to check them off in the system as having signed one. If you'd like to make copies and have everyone sign in your club/chapter meeting, that would be phenomenal as well! Attached is a copy for you.


    My love to you all!



    Sara LeFils

    Southeastern Youth Fair

    Executive Director

    (352) 629-1255



     Instagram: @OMS_FFA


    Welcome to agriculture for the 2020 – 2021 school year!  I look forward toward a fun filled semester full of learning and adventure!


    Warning: There will be dirt as well as working hard outside in the heat and cold.


    Required Materials:

    You must have these items, each day.


    * Willing attitude

    * Pencils

    * Loose leaf paper, wide or college ruled

    * Planner (agenda book $5 purchased at school)

    *Water bottle (we now have filtered water at the outside sink.)

    *Closed toed shoes – no slides, flip flops or sandals


    Wish List for my classroom:

    1. Liquid soap for the outside sink
    2. Seeds
    3. Tissues
    4. Notebook or copy paper
    5. Bleach



    Grade weights and categories:

    Tests/Quizzes 40%

    Classwork 50%

    Homework 10%


    Parent Portal

    If your child is absent THEY ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WORK THEY MISSED. Please don’t ask what your child is missing. I hide nothing from you. Parent portal is the best way to see what has been graded and what needs to be made up to receive full credit for my class. Your child also has access to their portal and can sign into every teacher’s gradebook and show you their grades 24/7. We will check grades every week so that they stay informed.

    I accommodate all students and their differentiated learning styles and struggles. Therefore, late work will be accepted until the end of the quarter for full credit unless otherwise specified for all students which is usually the last Wednesday before I lock grades for the grading period. Group participation or assignments that we do together as a class cannot be made up (participation IS the point of those exercises.) If your child is absent on a day that we do a participation exercise, they will be excused from that assignment.

    No-name work will be kept until claimed or until grades are locked at the end of the semester. I am not responsible for finding the correct owner.


    Due to the nature of this course, my classroom expectations and rules are the same as those for the school with the addition of safety expectations. If your child has trouble receiving direction from me in my “no nonsense” voice, this class may not be the best fit for them. We have sharp saws, power tools, and heavy materials that we interact with on a daily basis. Horseplay, running and being out of area (anywhere where they have not been directed to be) will result in disciplinary action for endangering the safety of themselves as well as the other students. Listening and following directions is paramount.

    No cell phones active at any time. This being said, I will allow the use of cell phones under certain circumstances such as capturing notes and assignments missed, recording plant growth for a project etc. Specific permission must be given to use a cell phone.

    I am supportive of students listening to music via an .mp3 player pocket radio (they still make these!) I find that some students use music to relax and enjoy their responsibilities. Please keep device visible as to not be mistaken for a cell phone.

    Welcome to my classroom! 


    Agriculture Program Mission:

    The purpose of the Osceola Middle School agriculture program is to provide opportunities and experiences in agriscience that meet the needs of the students through a three circle model of agriculture education which includes Leadership the Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and horticulture. The SAE is an important aspect of agriculture education and allows students to fully experience and demonstrate mastery of classroom instruction. The program’s goal is to prepare students for careers in agriculture, further education, and entrepreneurship through the use of instruction.


    The Horticulture Park:

    The Horticulture Park or HP is an integral part of the agriscience program. Students will be expected to be ready to work in the HP any day class is held. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and within the dress code. All days will require closed-toed shoes for participation.  Please bring a water bottle for hydration. Our department now has carbon filtered water  to fill the water bottle for each student. 


    The National FFA Organization is the agricultural leadership organization associated with agriscience classes. Dues will be collected and more information will be available shortly. Participation in the FFA gives you the opportunity to compete in agriculturally-themed contests, become a chapter officer, compete at the SouthEastern Youth Fair, and much more. Please consider joining the FFA. Be on the lookout for more information soon!



    50%: Daily Classwork

    40%: Test/Project

    10%: Homework

    Semester grades will be calculated according to the district breakdown- 40% Quarter 1, 40% Quarter 2, 20% Local End of Course Exam (LEOCE)


    Extra Credit may be offered at the teacher’s discretion.

    Grades will be updated on Skyward as frequently as possible. Parents are strongly encouraged to contact the office in order to sign up for Parent Portal and to check student’s grades at least once a week. Students are expected to track their own grades online and in class, and to bring any issues to Mr. Roy's attention immediately.

    Late Assignments:

    Late assignments will be accepted for full credit until the last Wednesday of the quarter. You may always do the work you've missed and receive full credit for your work until grades are prepared and locked for the quarter. 


    Students should use Skyward, their grade tracking sheet, and their planner to keep track of assignments.




    Please make every effort to be in class and ready to learn each day. If you do miss a day, please make every effort upon your return to get and complete the assignments you've missed. Making up assignments and knowing what assignments you are missing in the gradebook is YOUR responsibility. I make every effort to accomodate accepting your work at any resonable time so please do your part and check the portal and your grades on a regular basis. 


    OSCEOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL Classroom Expectations Matrix

    In addition to the OMS School Wide Expectations, students will adhere to the following expectations in the classroom and landlab.

    Chiefs AIM for Success!


    Classroom & Landlab

    Act Responsibly

    -          Self

    -          Others

    -          Property

    Be on task all class

    Follow directions quickly

    Initiate Respect

    -          Right place

    -          Right time

    -          Right materials

    Care for the classroom, landlab, and materials

    Do not talk when others are talking

    Model Positive Behavior


    Be polite

    No horseplay- be safe!


    Major behavioral issues such as bullying, insubordination, disruption, property damage, and fighting will receive an immediate referral and be sent to the discipline office.


    Minor behavioral issues will be dealt with in class according to the following guidelines.


    1st offense:  Verbal warning.

    2nd offense: Move seat or time out.

    3rd offense: Parent contact and intervention

    4th offense in same 9 weeks: Referral to office.