Welcome to Geometry and Liberal Arts Math.

  • Hi everyone. Due to the recent circumstances which have required us to change things up, I've redone this web page to simplify the on-line learning process. 

    Students in both Liberal Arts Math and Geometry will use the online website, Algebra Nation, to access and do the assignments described in the "assignments" portion of this teacher website. Like several other math classes at our school, our class will not use Google Classroom, but rather Algebra Nation. Our school has used this program for several years. It is designed to align with the Florida End of Course Exam and to help you pass it. It is not certain we will even take that EOC test, but we'll carry on assuming we will.

    Your names are registered in Algebra Nation, so any work you do will be automatically available to the teacher. Please look in the "Assignments" section on my teacher website so that you can go to that assignment in Algebra Nation. In order to participate in the lessons and assignments, please do the following:

    • In a search engine (i.e. google, duckduckgo, etc.) type in http//:algebranation.com or just use this link: https://www.algebranation.com
    • You may be asked to give the state in which you live. If this pop-up screen appears, click Florida, then follow the propmt to type the name of our school
    • at Algebra Nation, Geometry students click Geometry in the upper left blue drop down menu, Liberal Arts Math students, click on Algebra 1.
    • You must watch 100% of each video, at least once, prior to receving a grade on the Check Your Understanding quiz; Algebra Nation gives me that data (NO 100% VIDEO, NO SCORE)
    • Should be easy as that. Once again, you'll want to look in the "Assignments" portion of my website to see what fun and wonderful exercises/videos/ quizzes to do on Algebra Nation.

    TL;DR  (Too Long; Didn't Read) -  go to my website (you're here!), read assignments, then go to Algebra Nation and do the assignment. Must watch entire video at least once to get your CYU score in the my grade book


    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third party platforms (Zoom, Google Classromm,etc.). These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared an other learning platforms. If you do not want your child's image or other identifying information recorded, utilize your device/ platform controls to stop the feed from from your device.