Welcome to Liberal Arts Math.


    Welcome back!


    Hello students, parents, grandparents, and guardians,


    So we're off to a new year! This year will be different in so many ways, but my hope is that under recent circumstances, we've gained a renewed appreciation for the little things we may have previously taken for granted: simple things like getting out of the house, seeing people more often, and making new friends. By returning to school, I think we'll find there's more laughter in our lives, more excitement in being with others, and that generally we'll add a lot of "color" to what may have become a sort of "grey" existence. Of course, peoples experience of the past few months will vary. I suspect students and teachers will find the oft-repeated praise for being industrious, acheiving accomplishments, and "getting things done" to really strike a chord and truly resonate in us more than they used to. I hope there is, in whatever aspect of our lives, a pent up desire to try hard, to accomplish, and to experience the sense of reward that those things give us. A famous motivational speaker says making your bed each morning strarts your day with a small accomplishment which sets you up for a productive day. I'll take his word for that, but I get his point.

    This webpage will inform you on a variety of topics and will include a description of the course, some information on me, your teacher, some rules for my class, how grades are derived, and other general information.

    I truly look forward to seeing everybody, meeting new students, and being the teacher who will help acheive your accademic goals/ requirements.


    Mr. Foy