Mrs. Amy English

  • Hyannis


    Hello!  Welcome to my webpage.

    Phone:  671-4820




    We will be using Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and for students to communicate with us this year.  Grades, however, will still be entered in SkyWard.


    For MCPS Online Students:

    I look forward to working with you this school year!


    To begin our first class, you will need to login to your school email.

    You will have an email from my Teams Class [IB MAA, Alg. 2 or Liberal Arts] that looks like a calendar invite with the Subject 'First Class Meeting'.


    Within that email, you will have a link to join our Team during our first scheduled class session.  You will click 'Click here to join the meeting.'


    Teams Meet  

    Make sure your camera and microphone are working to join the Meet.  During this first meet I will explain how to access our class Team.


  • Purple Days


    1st pd      9:10 - 11:12


    3rd  pd    11:17 - 1:42

    * A Lunch  11:12 - 11:44


    5th  pd   1:47 - 3:40


  • Gold Days


    2nd pd    9:10 - 11:12


    4th pd     11:17 - 1:42

    *A Lunch  11:12 - 11:44


    6th pd  1:47 - 3:40