Welcome to Ms. Watson's 4th grade class!


    2 sets of ear buds or headphones
    1 pack crayons 24 count
    2- 4 pack of small glue sticks
    5 spiral notebooks
    2 poly/plastic duotang folders
    2 packs of loose leaf wide rule paper
    2 containers of disinfectant wipes
    1 pack of BLACK dry erase markers (2 count)
    1 pack of BLACK FINE TIP dry erase markers (4
    3 packs of 24 count pre sharpened pencils (NO
    mechanical pencils)
    2 boxes of tissue
    1 white 1 inch binder with pockets (NO trapper
    2 pink bar erasers
    1 pack of eraser tops
    1 box quart size storage bags (girls)
    1 box gallon size storage bags (boys)