Welcome to 6th Grade ELA

  • Hello Parents and Students

           Welcome to Distance Learning.  Please know that all assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Since students are already familiar with Google Classroom, I will be using this platform. Students need to sign in to their Google Classroom using their regular passwords just like we have done in class. It is important that when signing into the Google Classroom that students are using the school Google account and not a personal account.  If students are having difficulty in signing in, please email me and I will try to help. I will also continue to use the Remind app that many of you have already joined.

    marguerite.cruz@marion.k12.fl.us - email

    https://www.remind.com/join/a97667 - Remind app link


          From April 3 to May 4th, students will be working on a set of assignments that will build on each other and continue to use the information that they provide in the first assignment. I have uploaded the first assignment that students will be working on which will be due on Monday, April 6th.  I will continue to upload one assignment per week.   It is important to submit the assignment on their due date. Work can be completed early, however, please do not submit the assignments early. Students who complete the assignment early should create a folder to store the work until it is time to be submitted. In addition to working on the assignments, students are expected to continue with their iReady online instruction.  The goal in iReady is to pass 2 lessons per week. I am also hoping that students will continue reading books for AR. Students now have access to take AR test from home through the BMS portal.  

          As you can see, throughout each week students will be responsible for working on three different tasks: the posted assignments, the iReady online lessons, and the AR readings/test.  Therefore, it is important to plan the week accordingly so students can dedicate the appropriate time for each task. 

         All assignments must be labeled correctly. Students must write their full name and the assignment name/number before submitting it to me.  This will help me immensely to credit the work to the correct student. Also, please keep in mind that the work will be graded on the quality of the work submitted.

         This is new to all of us, but know that I am here to help in any way I can.  Together we will conquer these tasks and come out as winners.  Please stay safe.  Stay tuned for an announcement for a Zoom meeting.  Many of us teachers are working on scheduling meetings through Zoom so that we can have time to see each other and talk.  I will get back to you on the date.

    Please Stay Safe !!!!

    Ms. Cruz

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