Ms. Park 8th grade Pre-Algebra

  • Supplies:

    Face to Face Students:

            Pre-Algebra- Folder, pencil, calculator with +/-, face coverings.

             Math 180- Pencil, spiral notebook or composition notebook, face coverings.


    Online Students:

             Pre-Algebra- printer and folder (if possible), if not just a spiral notebook or compostion notebook and a pencil, of course a computer and internet.

               Math 180- Spiral notebook or compostion notebook, pencil, of course computer and interent.

  • Face Mask Policy

    FACE COVERINGS: Per the district's policy: "A face covering must be worn on any school campus, or in any building when social distancing is not possible". Face coverings will be required to be worn within my classroom due to  students transitioning from various stations and small group interaction, which are integral parts of our classroom structure. Social distanced "mask breaks" will be available when needed by students.

  • Schedule: A/B Schedule and Class Times

    A B Schedule Bell Schedule

  • Student Planner- Code of Conduct

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