Hello From Ms. Evans!!

  • I am beginning my 11th year here at Horizon.  I have worn many hats and this year I will be the teacher of IND students who are on ACCESS Points!  I am so excited to begin this year back over in building 4 where I started my journey ten years ago!!

    I will be teaching ELA/Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science in a small group setting.  It has forever been my goal to create a "safe zone", a place where my students ALWAYS feel that they can come to with ANYTHING, knowing I am here for them.

    The only things that I ask my students to bring with them each day (other than a positive learning attitude) are pencils and paper and perhaps every now and then, a box of kleenex :-)  Otherwise I will supply pretty much what they need throughout the year.

    Welcome to my new AND returning students and to their families as well.  After all..... IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!