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  • Parents and Students

    We're approaching the end of a wonderful school year despite the many changes due to cov-19.  I have added many practice standards to Saavas Realize that are aligned with our FSA and specific skills tailored to individual students.  Some of these skills are labeled with an "i" before the number.  Please go back and complete all assignments even the missed ones from the beginning of the school year. Doing these assignments will help raise your grade, and prepare you with the confidence to successfully raise your score on our upcoming 2021 Math FSA assessment.  In addition, I've provided FSA standards workbooks to many students prior to Spring Break to practice previously taught skills. Utilize these workbooks.  If your child did not recieve one and would like a workbook, let me know and I will send one home.


     Week of March 22 thru April 12th  Topic 7 Geometry

    Class Assignments: In Class and On-Line

    Week of November 16th

    1. Continuing with Ratios and Rates

    2. Lessons 5-5 and 5-6

    3. Intensive lessons added... ex. i5-4

    5. Ratio/Rate Test Thursday and Friday of this week.  Study guide sent home or posted on Teams.

    Week of November 2nd

    1. Lesson 5-4 Ratio Tables

    2. Plotting Ratios on a Coordinate Plane

    3. Bell Work Quiz

    4.Lesson 5-5 Unit Rates

    **Intervention Lessons !3-5 and !5-4 


    Week of October 26th

    1. Lesson 5-2 Equivalent Ratios 

    2. On line assignments and Math packet

    3. Lesson 5-3 Comparing Ratios

    **Advanced Classes lessons 6-2 and 6-3


    Week of October 19th

    1. Review QSMA#1

    2. Lesson 5-1 Ratios

    Week of October 12th

    1. Review LCM, GCF, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Decimals. Course schedule Intervention Lessons: Lesson 3-5 and Lesson 5-4.

    2. QSMA #1 Wednesday and Thursday. 

    3. Continue to use Study guide provided.

    4. Complete all on-line assignments past due.

    Week of October 5th

    1. Lesson 1-3 Multiplying Decimals

    2. Lesson 1-4 Dividing Decimals

    **Complete all on-line assignments through course schedule.


    Week of September 28th 

    1.Lesson: Factors and Multiples

    2. Lesson 1-3 Multiplying Frctions

    3. Bell work Quiz all classes

    **Continuous review of Decimals

    Week of September 21st

    1. Complete all e-textbook lessons from Course Schedule.

    2. Decimal Review  in class for upcoming Test.

    3. Lesson 8-5 Dividing by Decimals Review

    ** On line students remember you are responsible for completing your class assignments the day they are given on line.

    4. All classes Decimal Test Wednesday 23rd or Thursday 24th. 

    Week of September 14th 

    1. Make sure all course schedule lessons are complete

    2.Lesson  1-2 Dividing Decimals

    3. Decimal Review


    Week of September 7th 

    1. Lesson 8-2 Multiplying Decimals

    2. Class Work ..Decimal word problems

    3. Complete previous assignments from Course Schedule



    Week of August 31st

    1. Lesson 1-1: Adding and Subtracting Decimals: complete on Pearson Realize

    2. Lesson 7-2: Review Adding and Subtracting Decimals: complete on Pearson Realize

    3. Bell Work Quiz: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

    Week of  August 24th

    1. Bell Work #1 and #2

    2. Topic 1 Readiness Assessment: complete on Pearson Realize