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    Welcome to 6th Grade Math 1 and 6th Grade Advanced Math

    I am delighted to welcome you to another great year at Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks.  The purpose of this course is to focus on active engagement with numbers by focusing on conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills and problem solving.  Students will increase their experiences in Mathematics and understand how all their courses are related. 


    Class Assignments: In Class and On-Line

    Week of September 28th 

    1.Lesson: Factors and Multiples

    2. Lesson 1-3 Multiplying Frctions 

    3. Lesson 1-4 Dividing Fractions 

    **Coninuous review of Decimals

    Week of September 21st

    1. Complete all e-textbook lessons from Course Schedule.

    2. Decimal Review  in class for upcoming Test.

    3. Lesson 8-5 Dividing by Decimals Review

    ** On line students remember you are responsible for completing your class assignments the day they are given on line.

    4. All classes Decimal Test Wednesday 23rd or Thursday 24th. 

    Week of September 14th 

    1. Make sure all course schedule lessons are complete

    2.Lesson  1-2 Dividing Decimals

    3. Decimal Review


    Week of September 7th 

    1. Lesson 8-2 Multiplying Decimals

    2. Class Work ..Decimal word problems

    3. Complete previous assignments from Course Schedule



    Week of August 31st

    1. Lesson 1-1: Adding and Subtracting Decimals: complete on Pearson Realize

    2. Lesson 7-2: Review Adding and Subtracting Decimals: complete on Pearson Realize

    3. Bell Work Quiz: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

    Week of  August 24th

    1. Bell Work #1 and #2

    2. Topic 1 Readiness Assessment: complete on Pearson Realize