• khi

Subjects Taught


    • Reading
    • Language Arts                                              
    • Writing                                                   
    • Math                                                         
    • Science                               
    • Social Studies

The Big 3

  •     The Big 3                                               

    • Do what’s right                                 
    • Do your best                             
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated

Specials Assigned


    • P.E.
    • Art
    • Music

Snack Time

  • Note

    We will have lunch early therefore we plan to have a snack in the afternoon.  If you are able, please send enough snacks for the entire class. (Individually wrapped snacks and juice boxes)
    Currently we have a count of 25 students.



      • 3 spiral notebooks
      • Pencils and 2 red pens
      • 3 composition books
      • 3 packages Index cards
      • 2 Sticky notes
      • 3 packages notebook Paper
      • Scissor, ruler, glue sticks, colored pencils, crayons
    • 2 boxes tissues, 1 large hand sanitizer,  1 box gallon baggies (Girls), 1 box sandwich baggies (Boys)

Student Expectations

    • Dress Code & Personal Hygiene
      • You will be expected to adhere to Horizon Academy’s dress code: Polo tucked in, pants with belt, & appropriate shoes
      • There will be a parent & student resource room to aid in this policy
      • You will be expected to be sanitary in all facets of school life, including but not limited to: Bathroom, lunchroom, PE, & classroom


    • Classroom Conduct
      • Door holder for each & every enter & exit of a room
      • Polite conversation with all adults & peers: “Please & Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Mr. & Mrs.”, and etc.
      • Proper Center behavior: No running, pushing, or improper language
      • Supportive & constructive language towards peers: “Great job!”, “I like the way you did that problem” (Zero tolerance toward negative words or bullying of other students in the learning environment)

Rules & Behaviors:

  • PBIS

                We will be having a pep rally to explain the school’s behavior system. I will follow the school’s plan and we will discuss what these mean and what I expect.  If we adhere to the big three we will create the best classroom in the school. 

     Time-out procedure

               Our behavior system will be a zero tolerance toward the disruption of our positive & fun learning environment.  We will have plenty of time to have fun throughout the school year!  If, however, we run into problems this is how they will be handled:

    • We will keep a class log of incidents, to be signed by students when we run into problems, a parent notification will promptly follow each incident log.
    • In the rare case, and I mean rare, a timeout desk will be utilized, where the student will write a reflective essay about the incident.
    • This is a no bully classroom & school!


    If we all follow the big three, we will have a wonderful year.  (I will be contacting parents throughout the year for the good & the bad!)

“How To”s



    • How to
      • Take notes for all subjects (To be demonstrated)
      • Proper paper headings (To be demonstrated)
      • Do Homework (To be taught)
      • Act in centers (To be demonstrated)
      • To talk in class (To be demonstrated)

Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy

    My policy is limited homework over the weekend; minus the reading journal because I don’t feel reading is homework.  I will assign homework Monday through Thursday, with very little to be assigned over the weekends.  The best practice is to spend 30-60 minutes a night on homework Mon - Thur, take a break on Fri. & Sat. and be a kid, then 30-60 minutes on Sunday.

Mission Statement:

  • This year, it is my goal to help you grow academically, emotionally and socially.  I will treat you with respect, compassion, and enthusiasm in all areas of education and character building. In turn, I expect them same from you towards me as well as towards your classmates.  I believe honesty, consistency and integrity will help you reach your life long goals.