• Welcome to Mr. Moses'

    5th Grade Science & Social Studies!  s

     We will be using Microsoft Teams this year as a communication tool

    with students and parents.

     Here are some directions on how to get there!

    1.  Go to marionschools.net

    2.  Click on mcps desktop

    3.  Log on to your desktop using your user name and password.

    4.  Look for the Office 365 tile and click on it.

    5.  Then look for the Microsoft Teams tile and click on that.

    6.  There you should see all your class teams!

    7.  To log on to a class, be sure to be at your computer and ready for class at the time

    that class begins.  Then you will be asked to join the meeting and you can 

    click on "Join Now".  Your teacher will then let you into the class!