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  • The activities and links that I have provided are reccommended activities for your children.  Please have them active for 30 minutes daily or 50 minutes 3X per week.  Please don't stress about their P.E. grade.  You may use the outline on page 4 or 5 of the OpenPhysEd link to record their activites or you can just create your own activity log.  

    Activity Log Sample   Include NAME, ACTIVITY and MINUTES 


    Student Name: (Your Name)   Homeroom Teacher:

    Coach Tesiero    

    Parent Signature:

    April 6th - Rode my bike for 30 minutes

                    Did a fitness videos for 20 minutes

    April 7th - Played catch with my dad for 15 minutes

                    Walked for 15 minutes

                    Did a workout video for 20 minutes

    April 8th - Played a tag game with my family for 10 minutes

                    Did videos on GoNoodle for 10 minutes

                    Went running for 30 minutes

    I completed my 150 minutes of physical activity! 


    Email me your activity above OR take a picture and email by the end of the week to


    Keeping it simple!


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