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    Assignment #3

    (4th and 5th Grade - Week of May 25th)

    Showing Progress- This week I want you all to show progress in exercises that you choose. Choose 5 activities that you want to improve in. Keep a daily log of your activities and results. Below is an example of a progress setting log. Below is just an example, please choose exercises or activities that you feel comfortable participating in. Please send me your progress log through email ( or Class Dojo.

                                       Monday          Tuesday        Wendesday     Thursday    Friday

    1 minute sit-ups           No School              28                30                  32            34


    How many times         No School               37                34                  38            39

    can I jump rope in 

    a minute


    1 minute push-ups     No School                21                20                  24           24


    1 minute squats         No School                9                10                  10             12


    How long can I hold     No School            32 secs        35 secs            45 secs     50 secs

    a plank

    (Other suggestions: lunges , how long it takes to run around the house, calf raises, jumping jacks, etc.)


    Make Up Work (For students that did not turn in their 1st or 2nd assignments)

    Assignment 1 - PE Log

    If you did not turn in Assignment 1 PE Log, then please make sure that you turn it in. All grade levels for Coach Pietryka's classes should have turned this in already. Directions for Assignment 1 PE Log - Set a goal to be active for 50 minutes 3 days a week. Be creative and have fun during your physical activity time. Make sure you log your activities. on a sheet of paper, so you can send it to me. You can send me your PE Log by Class Dojo or by emailing it to me. Please make sure that a parent /guardian signs off on your PE Log. 


    Assignment 2 - Obstacle Course

    If you did not turn in Assignment 2, Obstacle Course, then please make sure that you turn it in. All grade levels for Coach Pietryka's classes should have turned this in already. Be creative and think about what items you have around your house to help you create your own obstacle course. After creating your course, I want you to practice the course and then challenge others at your house to beat your time. Once you have created your course, then you can continue to use your same obstacle course, add more to your obstacle course, or come up with a totally new one. Practice your course and challenge others for your three days of 50 minutes. Please email me or Class Dojo me a description, map, or pictures of one of your creative obstacle course. Please include your first and last name, along with your homeroom teacher's name when turning your assignment in.


    Coach Pietryka/Coach Surber's PE Schedule

    Week of May 11th - Kindergarten and 1st Grades

    Week of May 18th - 2nd and 3rd Grades 

    Week of May 25th - 4th and 5th Grades


    Coach Pietryka's PE Classes


    Maccubbin         Hamilton         Lanza

    Engelgau           Anderson         T. Mahoney

    Vanmeter          Davila              A. Ceruto 

    Fulcher              Kessler            Powell

    Muller                P. Mahoney      Banez

    Owen                Kaizer               J. Ceruto 

    Barbree             Siefkes




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