Ms. Borge's 5th Grade Class Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks

  • Course Description:    This year you will be learning Language Arts and Social Studies in a standards based, integrated approach using hands-on activities, cooperative teams, partnering, and independent practice.   Your child will spend half of their school day with me, and the other half with Mrs. Lott for Math and Science.  Report Card grades will be given by us both.

    Classwork/Planners     Students must bring their Horizon Binder with planner to class every day.  Students will be responsible to show proficiency in each of the standards.  Ample class time will be given. 

    Grading:   Please check the portal often.  Papers marked with a check, star, or smiley face are just for practice and will NOT be entered into the gradebook.  Papers scored lower than a 70%/C, will be sent home and parents are asked to sign these and return to me the next day.  

    School wide Expectations:   You are expected to follow the Horizon Big Three: 

    1.  Do what is right.   

    2.  Do your best.

    3.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

    In addition, strive to fulfill our school vision of “Good is not enough, when better is possible.” 

    More information can be found in the student handbook.  Dress code will be strictly enforced

    Classroom Discipline Procedure:   In my classroom I use an online point driven system called Class Dojo to tract all behavior and to communicate with parents.  Parent log in information will be provided to parents and students at the beginning of the school year.  Parents are a vital component of the success of the student. I encourage families to contact me on Class Dojo, by email, telephone, or by writing a note in the student planner.

    My Contact Information:  

    (352) 671-6290