Mrs. Ford's First Grade Class

  • Please make sure that your child comes to school everyday so that we may get our DRA testing completed quickly.

    If your child is not feeling well, fever, throwing up, nausa please keep them at home in order to not spread any unwanted sickness. 

    Spelling test will be on Feb 16th due to an assemby this Friday for our class. 










    Welcome to Mrs. Ford's First Grade Classroom.

    Welcome to First grade!!! My name is Mrs. Ford and I will be your child's Teacher for the next 180 school days. I would like to tell you about myself before I get in to the fun stuff.

    I have been teaching for 9 years all of which have been in Kindergarten so this will be my first year teaching in First Grade. Teaching is my passion and love! I have never wanted to teach anything else but the lower grades. I am married with two amazing children, ages 21 and 17. My husband is the sweetest man you would ever meet. He gave me the opportunity to go back to school and get my degree before the ripe old age of 40.

    In our class you will find I am a very strict teacher when it comes to students having good behavior and very loving and kind in all other areas of your child's educational needs. My door will always be open for you if you ever need to ask questions. You will receive information through a Parent-Teacher communication monthly newsletters where I will inform you all about special events, things that are due etc. You are always welcome to email me or call if you have any questions about our daily life. I look forward in seeing everyone at our Open House on Septemeber 26, 2017 from 5:30-7 pm. This is when we can discuss how your child is doing, pick up their work they have been working since school started and set up a parent teacher conference. 

    We are going to have an AMAZING Year!

    Kindergarten Fun