James Travieso

  •    I am Coach Travieso, the liberal arts math teacher and Vanguard's Cross Country coach. Here on my website you can find course information and learn more about me and what I do as a teacher and coach. Below are some of Vanguard's general rules that are expected to be followed throughout the year.


    Classroom Rules:


    All students are expected to follow Vanguard school rules that are stated in the school and District handbook.  In addition, the following classroom rules will be followed by all students.  These rules are:

    Be at the right place at the right time
    Follow directions
    Use appropriate language
    Treat yourself, others, and property with respect
    Put forth effort towards all that you do.


    School Tardy Policy:  I expect each student to be in their seat when the bell rings.  If you are not in your seat you will be marked “Tardy”.

    First and Second Tardy:   Verbal Warning    

    Third Tardy:   Phone call home

    Fourth Tardy+:   Referral


    Bathroom Policy:  Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during the first 10 minutes of class.  After this time, students may ask for permission to use the restroom and it is left up to the teacher’s discretions to grant permission.


    All cell phones and other electronic devices are to be OFF and put away during class time, unless otherwise directed by the teacher.    



     Grading Policy:


    A letter grade is figured based on the percentage attained.  Grades are then averaged for each course.  The Marion County grading system will apply as follows:

        A                     90-100

        B                     80-89

        C                     70-79

        D                     60-69

        F                      0-59



    Classwork/ Homework- 60% of your total grade (Classwork not completed in class will become homework)

    Tests/ quizzes- 40% of your total grade


    ABSENCE POLICY- Excused, Unexcused, Suspension

    1. If a student misses class for any reason, they are responsible for determining what they have missed.

    2. The student will be responsible for making up and turning in missing work before the end of each quarter (exact dates are listed at the end of syllabus). 


    Make up/Late Work 

     1.  Tests/quizzes/notes must be made up before school by appointment.   

     2.  Late work for tests, quizzes, notes and homework are due on or before the end of school 

     (2:50pm) the dates below:

     First Quarter:   DUE October 5th 

     Second Quarter:    DUE December 14th  

     Third Quarter:   DUE March 9th 

     Fourth Quarter:    DUE May 18th 



    Classroom conduct will also be monitored and reflect on the report card.  The conduct grades are as follows:



    N=Needs Improvement