• Update - 8/22/20

    Please be sure to check your school email sometime this weekend.  I have emailed all students enrolled in my classes regarding what to expect on Monday and what to bring to class.  I also emailed all students a copy of the class syllabus for their particular class.  I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday - either virtually or in-person!


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


    I hope that this message finds all of you safe and well.  This is a historic time for all of us.  Very few people alive today can say they have experienced a global pandemic so, despite all of the hardship and heartache, know that you are a part of scientific history.  This year, I am teaching the following classes:

    Period 1 - Pre-IB Chemistry (MCPS Online)

    Period 2 - Pre-IB Chemistry (In person)

    Period 3 - Chemistry I (In person)

    Period 4 - Pre-IB Chemistry (In-person)

    Period 5 - Chemistry Honors (In-person)

    Period 6 - Pre-IB Chemistry (MCPS Online)


    You will find tabs here to link you the syllabus for each class and instructions regarding accessing MCPS Online.

    I can be reached via email at any time if you have any questions:

    link to email