Welcome to Fun with Biology

  • My name is Candace Roy.  I have been teaching science in Marion County Public High Schools for 23 years.  I have been at Vanguard for the last 10 years.  I love biology and I hope that you will come to love biology as well.

    I have two wonderful children, 4 cats, 2 birds, 2 dogs,  19 chickens, 2 goats and 1 lizards.  My household is an experience in biology.  I love getting out in nature by camping, hiking, canoeing, and more.

    I truly believe science, especially biology, can only be learned and appreciated by engaging in real science.  We will be conducting many experiments throughout the year.

    I am looking forward to a fun, exciting, and educational year.

    I will be using Microsoft Teams to distribute materials and interact with students.  There are tutorial videos on Youtube and on the MCPS homepage for getting started in Microsoft Teams.  I will devote a whole block period in the first week of school to training students on Microsoft Teams.  Please get the Teams app from your app store if you have a cell phone.

    Ms. Roy and daughter my son and Nyx