Welcome to HOPE and Weights with Coach Gray

  • I have convereted our bookwork into Google Classroom. To access Google Classroom, you will go into your student desktop. At the very bottom of the page, will click on google apps, then click on the google classroom tile. Once you are in google classroom look for the plus sign in the top right hand corner, click on the plus sign then click join class. Then you will enter the following codeaccording to your class period.


    1st period- 5yvvgvn

    2nd period- 7sh2xzu

    3rd period- nwdjv6m

    4th period- abglarj

    5th period- ddv3tww

    6th period- qoed7gy

  • Mr. Jason Gray

    HOPE/ Weight Lifting

    Building 8 - Room 007

    Phone:  (352) 671-4900 Ext. 59474