Communicating ideas via graphics.

    Behind every product, building, or process are drawings and models created by someone using the techniques and principles taught in drafting courses.

    If you study drafting, you'll learn the math and drawing techniques you'll need to represent three-dimensional buildings and objects.

    Students of drafting and design technology learn to use technical skills to create drawings, plans, and computer models that will be used in constructing a building or manufacturing a product.


    The Learning Platform we will use this year is Microsoft Teams (you willl need audio and video on your computer device) and the curriculum will be accessed through ICEV. 

    You will have the opportunity to learn more about these platforms during the upcoming weeks. To access Microsoft Teams: 

    Log into Student Portal through the Marion County desktop.

    - Open OFFICE 365 from your student desktop

    - Open Microsoft Teams

    - Once enrolled you will see my class for Digital Information Technology. You will be enrolled in the class prior to the first day of school.


    Please click on the link below and take a look at a quick 4 minute video on Microsoft Teams. This will help prepare yourself to be ready for the first day of school. The video can also be found on the main page of Marion County Public Schools website.

    Microsoft Teams Overview for Marion County Public Schools