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  • *Note: All Class assignments are posted on student's Google Classroom accounts and Microsoft Teams (2nd Period). 

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    Hello,  As you navigate on my website you will find important information about class assignments, FSA Prep, ACT/FSA Prep, Homework, Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms, and other reading assignments and class activities.  The class calendar will include due dates for all assignments.  If you were absent during all or part of an assignment and need to finish it or make it up, please inform me immediately. Thank You.


    Do you enjoy reading?  I hope everyone answered "Yes" to that important question; however, if you didn't that's fine also because I know that as the school year progresses, and you experience reading multiple types of interesting texts, your answer will definitely change. This class is designed to improve your overall reading comprehension skills, reading fluency, and expand your vocabulary knowledge/skills.  You are placed in the readers driving seat and are expected to follow your teacher's instructions; read and drive right (write) daily.  The major components of this class will include the following:  Microsoft Teams (online learning platform), Google Classroom (class assignments platform), FSA Prep, ACT Prep, SAT Prep lessons, Kahn Academy lessons, Reading Plus lessons, and Quizizz Assignments.  Reading is the major component of Knowledge and Learning.  Reading is Forever - Always read to LEARN & GROW! 



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