• Welcome to PreIB Spanish 1 on the DL & Spanish 1 on the DL!

    This is a new experience for all of us. Please be patient with me as I will be with you, as we figure this out together. Please be aware that as we move through this time I may change things as needed.

    We are going to do things a bit differently for this classroom. 


    • The assignments will not post on the stream, you must go to the classwork tab at the top to access the assignments.
    • For Spanish 1 traditional - I will be posting the assignments on Wednesdays and they are due on the following Tuesday.
    • For Pre-IB Spanish 1 -I will be posting the assignments on Saturday and they will be due the following Friday.
    • There are 15 points for each week, and you will get those points based on completion and correction.
      • Each activity is worth 5 points. For each week you must complete three of the assignments posted. I will be entering grades of 15 points each week based on the work that you turn in.
      • You can choose which assignments you want to complete each week, if you can complete them all that would be great practice for you! Some of the sites you may even find you like doing the activities and can continue to do more.

    Remind Messages

    • You have to go to the Spanish 1 page to access the Remind messages.

    Office Hours

    • If you have any questions I am available in multiple ways:
      Email: 24 hours a day – I will respond as soon as I can, most likely during the next office hours time slot. This is a public record.
    • Remind: you can send me a message by responding to any message I have sent you. This is a private conversation between us.
    • Office hours in Zoom
      • Week days from 12:30-2:30. These meetings will occur on Zoom, go to the google classroom to get the Zoom meetinng information, or you can send me an email to get the link.

    Other Resources
    There are many resources that you can check out

    See the websites page by clicking on the link in the left hand column.

    I will be adding extra resources as materials in the google classroom.