Ms. Dixon's Classroom

  • ASD

    Dear Parents,

    As you have heard we are now moving into a distance learning model. This is going to be a challenge for all of us, but together we will get through this. We have put together packets at the school for you to pick up and utilize with your children. The packets consist of Language Arts and Math Activities based off of our Modified Curriculum, Encore. You will still need to check the teacher website for any other assignments and resources that will be made available to you. The page titled Assignments will share learning links and activities that your child can complete. If you have any questions or requests for additional resources, I am available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I will be working from home, so you can reach me by phone at 352-843-7808 or email,



    By now I think all of you are familiar with our school behavior specialist, Julie Boisvert. She also will be completing this distance learning model alongside us and is here for your support. The following is a message from her.

    Parents and Guardians,

    Your child is served in the ASD Modified Curriculum Class which includes behavior management services as a part of your child’s ongoing support. If you need extra assistance in creating at home routines or just have questions about behaviors you can reach out to the school behavior specialist, Julianne Boisvert at or call (352)291-7900 x 50331. She is available by phone M-F from 7:45am – 2:05pm. Emails will be checked regularly.


    Activities that you can do daily.

    -Read to your child every day and practice emerging reading skills (i.e. turning pages, tracking with finger, finding items in the pictures, taking picture walks, etc.)

    -Point out letters you see in environmental print (i.e. P at the beginning of Publix, T at the beginning of Target, W at the beginning of Walmart, etc.)

    -Discuss the colors and shapes you see in the environment.

    -Allow your children to assist with daily living (i.e. cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, etc.)

    -Take walks outside and observe anything that you see.

    -Point out objects, count them, discriminate between them (i.e. size, color, shape)

    -TeachTown Basics