• Welcome back students and parents!

    I look forward to working with you this school year.  A Proficient Reader is an essential part of life that we will continue to strive to achieve together throughout these difficult times. It will require us to have much patience and flexibility as we transition to this new way of online learning (Distance Learning). 

    I will be teaching face-to-face classes, as well as online classes using Microsfot Teams online platform for distance learning. You will use Teams to submit assignments, interact and collaborate with your classroom peers and teacher. Please check your student's email daily for informational updates.

    Distance Learning Assignments:

    • Assignments are Graded
    • All Assignments are Required
    • All Assignment information will be mentioned in Teams.

    My contact information is listed below for your convenience. I will return your call with 24 hours of a working day.

    • My Google Voice number (352) 897-0022
    • Email cynthia.white@marion.k12.fl.us
    • MCPS Phone Number 352-671-6235 

    Have a wonderful day